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About Get Well Beds

Dr Koe Davidson: B. Ap. Sci. (Clinical Studies) / B. Chiro Sci. & B. Ap. Sci. (Human Movement) – has teamed up with Sydney Chiropractor and founder of Get Well – Dr Veli Solyali (Chiropractor), to be the first Victorian supplier of the Get Well range.

Exquisite Get Well Beds

Designed By A Chiropractor

Dr. Veli Solyali B.Chiro.Sc. M.Chiro. PG.Cert. (Res. Prep.), PhD (Cand) is the Founder and Designer of Get Well Bedding. He is a Chiropractor and Anatomist, with an expert knowledge of the human body.

In designing the Get Well range, Veli started with the body`s needs first, from posture and circulation to bio-mechanics and anatomy, bringing together his years of research and study in the field of back care and sleep. After 4 years of research and developing prototypes, his 100% Australian- made range was launched in 2008. Veli personally sources all the materials used in the range, working with his Australian manufacturers to ensure his custom-made beds are to his exact specifications.

The result is a range of high quality mattresses, beds and pillows which aim to provide the ultimate in comfort and support, designed with your body in mind.

The Highest Quality Range

Mattress ConstructionGet Well Bedding uses the highest quality materials in our range of mattresses and pillows, to offer you the best comfort and support.

They have been designed with an understanding of the varying Australian climate and the need for temperature regulation to ensure all-year round comfort. Our mattresses are hypoallergenic – designed to repel dustmites, mould and mildew and be anti-bacterial.

We are committed to using natural products such as wool, latex and aloe-vera to ensure a cleaner night’s sleep – where no toxic materials are being inhaled or absorbed into the skin.

Contact us today to begin your journey to a better night’s sleep!


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