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AromaReiki in Mentone

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Tracy specializes in AromaReiki

AromaReiki is a relaxation and energy balancing treatment that helps build the immune system, decrease stress in the body and increase blood flow, which improves energy levels. The pendulum and dowsing rods are her favourite divination tools, which are used for clearing energy, balancing chakras and aid in channelling psychic messages.

What to expect during your treatment

First of all, clarity on your direction and purpose in life! Secondly, clearing fears, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns to allow you to grow and move forward. Thirdly, an action plan will be designed specific to you based on your needs, desires, and goals. Finally and most importantly, how to self-nurture and connect to love. All treatments are available individually and special offers apply to treatment packages.

Types of treatments Include:

  • AromaReiki relaxation and energy balancing treatments
  • Wellness coaching for health and anxiety management
  • Spiritual guidance and psychic messages for personal growth and awareness.
  • Energetic home or office clearing for harmony and abundance

Be wrapped up in the wings of an angel and gift yourself a treatment today. Contact us!



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