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Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy in Mentone

Kerryn Mitchell

Kerryn Mitchell

Kerryn Mitchell, Counsellor/Clinical Hypnotherapist

I live in Melbourne, just near the beautiful bay. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and gleefully admit that I’m completely under the spell of our dog. My other interests are Latin/ballroom dancing, skiing, exercising, music, laughter and learning the flute.

People have power and wisdom within themselves, often at an unconscious level and given the opportunity and therapeutic space, can be harnessed to improve life. Counselling works with the conscious mind whereas hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind and can compliment each other.

I offer a warm, accepting and caring environment, in which a person can be heard and encouraged to explore issues, clarify choices and seek potential solutions. There is potential for healing and growth within each of us, and the counselling space creates that opportunity to explore that potential.


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