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Get Well Bedding in VIC

The Peak Potential Chiropractic team believes that to live a life of vitality and wellness, you must think well, eat well, move well and sleep well. The bed you sleep in every night should be a place of repair, rest and rejuvenation. The Get Well range of products is designed to make sure that each night of rest is the best you’ve experienced.

Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

The founder and designer of Get Well bedding, Dr Veli Solyali (B.Chiro.Sc., M.Chiro., PG.Cert., (Res. Prep.), PhD (Cand)), has expert knowledge in the human body. When he began designing the Get Well range, he started with the body’s needs including, posture, circulation, biomechanics and anatomy. Years of research and study in the field of back care allowed him to develop products customised to your exact specifications.

This is why Dr Koe Davidson has teamed up with the Get Well team – his years of knowledge as an exercise physiologist (B. Ap. Sci. [Human Movement]) and more than a decade of clinical experience as a Chiropractor (B.Ap.Sci[Clinical Studies]/B.Chiro.Sci), drove his desire to find the best beds possible for his clients, finally concluding that the Get Well range did exactly that, make the best beds for for your sleep experience.

The result? High-quality mattresses, beds and pillows, providing the ultimate in support and comfort and designed with your needs in mind.

Customising Beds to Your Body

Custom-made in Melbourne, this mattress is fitted to you with help from your chiropractor, who is the go-to person for spinal health. We’ll decide on the bed that’s right for you in the office, then order it from the factory. Only Australian-made materials are used, and nothing is imported, so you don’t have to worry about your product being treated with harmful chemicals. Each bed comes with a 10-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Peak Potential Chiropractic is the only stockist of Get Well beds in Victoria. Contact us today to find out if these products might be what you need to sleep well!


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