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Naturopathy in Mentone

What is Naturopathy?

Clinical naturopathic medicine uses an integrative approach towards individualised healthcare that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of illness and health issues. It combines the scientific understanding of disease processes and diagnosis together with an holistic approach that uses effective therapeutic natural medicines to enhance the body’s natural healing response with the aim to restore healthy function and optimum vitality.

Naturopathy deals with identifying, treating and preventing the cause of your health problem, not just alleviating your symptoms, and works to bring your whole body into a state of balance. It doesn’t just treat illness but can be used as a preventative tool to maintain your health and vitality.

What can Naturopathy help to treat/manage?

* Digestive disorders such as IBS, bloating, flatulence, indigestion, constipation

* Stress and anxiety

* Fatigue

* Allergies and intolerance

* Immune dysfunction- recurrent infections, colds and flu, acute and chronic coughs

* Sleep disorders such as insomnia

* Adrenal fatigue

* Thyroid issues- hyper or hypothyroid

* Blood sugar irregularities

* Skin issues- eczema, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis

* Detox programs

* Weight issues

* Wellness programs

* Men’s, Women’s and Children’s health

What to expect during your consultation

During the initial consultation, our naturopath will conduct a thorough case history covering all aspects of your health, including your primary health concern. A family and personal history is also investigated including lifestyle factors, such as quality of sleep, diet, stress levels, hormonal influences, hydration levels, bowel health and other contributing factors that may be affecting your health. This information is then tailored into an individual treatment plan to suit you and your health needs.



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