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Chiropractic Care at Peak Potential Chiropractic

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Dr Koe performing an adjustment on a client.

5622DB70-441F-4E1A-92ED-204FE4CC18F8Though people often associate chiropractic with back and neck pain, it may also help you prevent future health issues from occurring. The clinic philosophy at Peak Potential Chiropractic is based on simple, common-sense principles that guide us in assessing your health, explaining our findings and making personalised care recommendations:

Getting the Most Out of Life

Chiropractor Dr Koe Davidson offers you a gentle, effective way to make sure your body works at its optimum levels. The entire family can benefit from chiropractic care, and children particularly need to ensure that their spine and nervous system are developing within normal limits. Common problems such as scoliosis may be avoided with regular chiropractic checks.

Techniques Suited to Your Needs

With a small investment of time (about 15 minutes on regular visits), you can see substantial results. Because no two people are the same, we utilise several different techniques:

Activator Methods®

If you aren’t keen on manual adjustments, we have expertise in using a handheld device that gives a precise, low-force thrust where a correction is needed. It’s gentle and effective, which is especially appropriate for young babies and the elderly.


We’ll locate areas of the spine that aren’t functioning as well as they should. Then, we apply a specific manual adjustment to achieve a resolution.

Sacro Occipital Technique® (SOT®)

By evaluating the connection between the back of the head and the lower back, this system of assessment allows us to understand exactly where your spine needs to be adjusted. Balance is restored, allowing you better movement and function.

Choosing What’s Right for You

After your first two appointments, you’ll fully understand the condition of your spine and nervous system. Your chiropractor will discuss with you the options for care and the outcomes that are expected from each. The types of care at our practice include

  • Relief
  • Corrective
  • Wellness
  • Maintenance

Get started with healthcare practitioners that stay flexible for you. Extended hours are available. Contact us today!



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