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Meet Our Practitioners at Peak Potential Chiropractic

The Peak Potential Chiropractic team is here to help you improve your health and wellbeing. We’re a multidisciplinary practice made up of various practitioners so that you can have all of your needs met under one roof. We encourage you to read on to find out more about us!

Our Chiropractor


Dr Koe Davidson, Chiropractor & Practice Owner

Dr Koe grew up with an early exposure to chiropractic and originally studied Exercise and Sports Science to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement.
As an exercise physiologist and a keen, high level competitive swimmer, Dr Koe saw first hand, the numerous benefits of regular Chirorpractic care. He wanted to be able do more for his clients, and thus decided it was time to become a chiropractor – completing his double degree’s in the Bachelor of Applied Science (Clinical Studies) / Bachelor of Chiropractic Science.

Since then, he has worked in several practices in regional Victoria and Melbourne, and at a bustling wellness chiropractic clinic for two years in Europe. With over 11 years of clinical experience, he strives to make sure his patients get the very best care available.

Dr Koe and his wife Elle, are bayside locals. They love to cook quality organic meals at home, and practice yoga regularly throughout the week. Koe also swims for the Powerpoints Masters Swimming Club, and competes at both the State and National level. Koe and Elle find that a balanced life of daily movement, quality sleep, positive attitudes and excellent nutrition ensures that they know what it’s like to live to their Peak Potential. :-)

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Head of Soft Tissue

Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh Kumar


Dinesh Kumar, Myotherapist & Remedial Massage Therapist

Dinesh’s interest in Soft tissue therapy sprouted from a shoulder injury which put him on a path of learning about musculoskeletal dysfunction and regaining functional integrity.

He is passionate about helping athletes, martial artists, dancers, and people who want become the best version of themselves.

Dinesh is a full time martial artist and an instructor, hence his passion for movement, health and longevity reflects in his profession as a soft tissue therapist.
Dinesh has been successful treating athletes and individuals with acute and chronic shoulder pain, lumbo-pelvic pain, and hip pain also migraines and headaches.

Our Naturopath

Tracy Hoareau

Tracy Hoareau

Tracy Hoareau, Naturopath

Tracy offers person focused therapy, customized to suit YOUR individual needs. Earning her Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, she applies clinical research methodology, drawing from both scientific and traditional methods. Using herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, iridology, flower essence therapy, functional pathology and homeopathy, Tracy can treat a wide range of conditions, with special interest in Women’s Health & Paediatrics. Involved in the healthcare industry for over 10 years, Tracy can also work collaboratively with your doctor or specialist in order to provide you with the best possible treatment, ensuring the focus of YOUR health needs are paramount.

Her mission is dedicated to a vision of providing complementary health care to the community; with the aim of providing a service that embodies trust, respect and compassion. This enables you to improve your well-being through treatments, education and support, in order to facilitate balance and optimal health in your life.

Our Traditional Chinese Medicalist (TCM)

Dr Steve Sharpe

Dr Steve Sharpe

Dr Steve Sharpe – TCM

Dr Steve Graduated from Melbourne’s premier complimentary medicine college, Southern school of Natural therapies in 2014 with a bachelor in health science (Chinese medicine)
Dr Steve uses pain-free Acupuncture needles and Chinese herbs to help bring your body back into balance.

Chinese Medicine is a 2000 year old modality that assists with a variety of health issues

Call or e-mail the practice to book in with Dr Steve at any time! He is currently available Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings

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