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Remedial Massage & Myotherapy

Mentone and Bayside Sports Therapy and Massage

Mentone and Bayside Remedial Massage Therapist & Myotherapy

Peak Potential Chiropractic is based in the Bayside suburb of Mentone, offering specialised Myotherapy & Remedial Massage services.

We are passionate about providing you with exceptional care, helping you return to a healthy, positive & active lifestyle, through maintaining your  ‘function & mobility’.

Our therapists specialise in providing innovative, individualised treatment plans, for acute & chronic conditions, neck, shoulder & back pain, headaches & migraines, upper & lower limb conditions, sporting & occupational injuries, postural correction, TAC & Worksafe referrals.

What to expect from our treatments

Remedial Massage & Myotherapy is the treatment of Soft Tissue ( your muscles, fascia, ligaments & tendons). The purpose of this specialised treatment, is to maintain healthy & balanced Soft Tissue within your body, which promotes the ‘Function & Mobility’ of your joints.

Unbalanced Soft Tissue may cause an onset of pain or dysfunction and may well be responsible for the ‘aches or pains’ or ‘Lethargy’ that you may currently be experiencing.

Our Remedial Massage Therapists & Myotherapists are highly skilled in the assessment, correction and management of ‘unbalanced’ Soft Tissue, and incorporate specific diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to help restore your Function & Mobility.

Your Remedial Massage or Myotherapy session will include a range of modalities, which your therapist will recommend as part of your treatment plan, to help restore your Function & Mobility, such as, Soft Tissue Massage, Muscle Mobilisation, Dry Needling, Chinese Cupping, Myofascial Release Techniques, specific Stretching & Rehabilitation Exercises.

Our Difference

At Peak Potential, we are passionate about providing you with care of the highest standard. We are dedicated to providing the best and most up to date assessment techniques to develop the best treatment and management plan for each individual patient.


Meet our Expert Team

Dinesh Kumar

Remedial Massage Therapist & Manager of Soft Tissue Department


Dinesh Kumar

Dinesh’s interest in Soft tissue therapy sprouted from a shoulder injury which put him on a path of learning about musculoskeletal dysfunction and regaining functional integrity.

He is passionate about helping athletes, martial artists, dancers, and people who want become the best version of themselves.

Dinesh is a full time martial artist and an instructor, hence his passion for movement, health and longevity reflects in his profession as a soft tissue therapist.
Dinesh has been successful treating athletes and individuals with acute and chronic shoulder pain, lumbo-pelvic pain, and hip pain also migraines and headaches.

Michael Osborne

Myotherapist & Exercise Physiologist

Michael, Peak Potential Chiropractic

Michael, Peak Potential Chiropractic

Michael is an accredited Exercise Physiologist (ESSA), and Myotherapist (IRMA), where he incorporates a wholistic approach, utilising soft tissue therapy and functional corrective exercise programs.

Michael applies a principle, ‘ Exercise is medicine’ to help manage optimal health and prevent chronic metabolic concerns is applied.

With 16 years of experience in his specialised field of rehabilitation, fitness and soft tissue treatment behind him, Michael offers a refined combination of Exercise Physiology & Myotherapy services, which will ensure a complete rehabilitation health program for you, and produce the best possible outcomes.

Michael has worked within AFL and ARU clubs, hospitals and private paramedical clinics where he has gained a wealth of experience to help you with your rehabilitation and injury concerns.

As a keen sportsman, and participating in semi elite sport, Michael has developed an interest in sport science and physiology for athletic performance. To complement this approach, he has developed a strong interest in rehabilitation and the role soft tissue therapy plays in both the prevention and management of injuries.

The two modalities although different, go hand in hand in the promotion of effective treatment. Michael enjoys treating all sports related injuries in particular knee and shoulder concerns, and the common ‘overuse syndromes’ that come with computer and compromised seated postures. Michael incorporates Pilates based exercises and functional strengthening to deliver safe and effective rehabilitation outcomes.

The ability to liaise with other therapists from a referral needs basis will ensure mutual respect among my peers and provide you with confidence that your injury or rehabilitation is managed correctly.

How we can help

If you want to:

  • Feel the best version of yourself
  • Feel the relaxation benefits of sports or remedial massage
  • Return to sport fast
  • or just have some down time

Make an appointment today!
Simply call our practice on (03) 95841308 and one of our expert therapists will get you back to your best!